Birmingham Cardiothoracic Review Course

September 25th - 28th 2014

Programme Committee

Mr. S. Rooney, Mr. E. Bishay (Chairs), & Mr. M. Kalkat
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Mr M Dalrymple-Hay
Derriford Hospital


Finance Committee


Mr S Rooney (Chair)
Mr T Graham

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Mr M Kalkat (Chair)
Mr Rajesh

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital





Professor D. Pagano, Mr. A. Ranasinghe, Mr. J. Mascaro, Mr N. Howell, Mr. N. Bhabra, Dr. S. Thorne & Dr. P. Clift
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Mr. R. Steyn & Mr. B. Naidu, Mr. H. Khalil, Mr. M. Claridge
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital


Mr. W. Brawn, Mr. D. Barron , Mr. T. Jones & Ms. N. Khan
Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Mr. D. Waller, Mr. G. Murphy
Glenfield Hospital, Leicester

Dr. Q. Ghafoor, Professor G. Middleton
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Mr. G. Cooper
Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

Mr. M. Lewis
Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Mr. R. Page, Mr. S. Woolley
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Mr. J. Hyde & Mr. M. Lewis Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Mr. S. Clarke
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne

Mr. R. Shah
Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester

Mr. S. Kendall
South Cleveland Hospital, Middlesborough

Mr. M. Cowen
Castle Hill Hospital, Hull

Mr. C. Lloyd
Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Professor I. Lyburn
Cheltenham General Hospital

Miss J. King
Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London

Mr. T. Jones
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Mr. M. Kalkat
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital




Accredited for educational purposes by:

European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Royal College of Surgeons of England
Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland